Dinner menu,
which you choose yourself
We offer more than 150 ingredients for an excellent dinner.
Everything that you will see further has already been included in the price of the brunch.
And we will add unlimited sparkling wine and a Bloody Mary as an aperitif to all of these and give a cake for each birthday person as a gift!
Grill. Dishes cooked in your presence

Pike perch
Pork loin
Chicken schnitzel
Chicken drumsticks
Grilled vegetables
Homemade beef sausages
Homemade chicken sausages
Grilled bacon
Classic Pizzas

Ham and Mushroom Pizza 340 g
4 Cheese Pizza 345 g
Pizza Margherita 360 g
Pizza Margherita with Salami 410 g
Dishes like mom's cooking

Borscht with beef
Russian salad
Potato pancakes with sour cream
Chicken in mushroom sauce
Salty lard (salo)
Pancakes and cottage-cheese pancakes
Dishes with vegetables

Steamed vegetables
Rice with vegetables
Roasted green beans
Arugula salad with quinoa, spring peas and avocado
Fish Delicacies

Cold smoked salmon
Matjes herring
Cold smoked butterfish
Cheeses for connoisseurs

Rokforretti cheese
Brie cheese
Feta cheese
Maasdam cheese
Cheddar cheese
Brined mozzarella cheese
Goat cheese
Butter portions
Milk and dairy products

0.5% milk
1.5% milk
3.2% milk
Soy milk
Cottage cheese
Sour cream

Porridges and pasta

Oat meal with milk
RICE porridge with milk
Boiled eggs
Fresh vegetables

Tomatoes and cucumbers
Cherry tomatoes
Sweet peppers and chili
Fresh Iceberg, Romano, Radicchio lettuce
Fresh fruit

persimmon and plums
Oranges and grapefruits
Pears and apples
Canned fruits

Peaches and apricots
Pickles and marinades

Marinated black milk and honey mushrooms
Canned peas and corn
Pickled cucumbers
Small and large green and black olives
Sun-dried Taggiasca olives
Sun-dried tomatoes and marinated cherry tomatoes
Stemmed caper berries
Beans in tomato sauce
Nuts & Dried fruit

Cashews and almonds
Pine nuts
Hazelnuts and pistachios
Dried plums
Dried apricots
Dried cherries and kiwifruits

Bread and rolls

Wheat and rye toast bread
French baguette
Gluten-free bread
Buckwheat bread
Lithuanian and rustic bread
Rye and wheat ciabattas
Paprika ciabattas
Multicereal bread rolls
French bread rolls
Prague bread rolls
Cakes and pies

Napoleon cakes and honey cakes
Spinach cakes
Black forest cake
Yogurt cakes and carrot cakes
Apple charlotte and Chausson au pommes
Ricotta and fruit pies
Quiche lorraine


Classic and almond croissants
Vanilla, chocolate and berry muffins
Pains au chocolat and raisin buns
Belgian waffles
Panna cotta with strawberry sauce
Fruit tarts
Creme brulee

Everything that you have seen is included in the price of the dinner.
Every Saturday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Price per person: BYN 85
Children under 12 – 50%, and children under 6 – for free